• James Fatherley

Do you need HR Software in your Business

Questions to consider

Are you using multiple systems, applications, or traditional filing cabinets to manage your people data?

Would you benefit from centralising your employee data?

Would you like to be able to access securely store your company documents policies and procedures all in one place that your employees can easily access?

Would you benefit from moving your spreadsheets to cost-effective cloud-based HR software?

Have there been times when holiday forms have been misplaced, or dates misread leading to giving extra holiday?

Has it been tricky to send information to employees when they are working remotely?

Would you like to enable your employees to have access to self-service systems?

Would you like to increase employee engagement and give your employees a chance to take ownership of their own goals?

Would you like to have the option to run reports on your people data?

Would you like to streamline and automate manual processes, so you have more time to focus on your business?

If you can tick yes to any of these then you would definitely benefit from an HR System

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