How do you know if your employees are Engaged and to what extent?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Would you know an engaged employee if you saw one? Most of you will answer "yes,"

but unfortunately don’t share a common definition.

When I ask for a description of what employee engagement is—how would one know if employees are engaged or not—the answers range from “paying attention” to “doing their job” to “making suggestions for improvement” to “smiling while at work.”

Most of these perceptions are judged by one to one contact in the workplace, we now face what people are terming as the "New Normal" where by your employees could be working from home, furloughed or even now back at work but in a completely new environment.

We want to talk with clients who wish to fully understand how, their employees feel and want to do this remotely due to the nature of their new work environments.

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