Rota planning made simple

Our HR platform was born out of the simple mantra - 'there has to be a better way' and our target was HR admin in small businesses. At that time HR software was big, expensive and clunky. And worst of all it had way too many features that weren't relevant for the types of business we work with.

Today there’s a multitude of companies using the HR platform all Small to Medium enterprises with less than 250 employees. But like all growing businesses, we're trying to constantly evolve and our mission has grown with us. We want to inspire businesses to create happy, healthy and productive places to work by putting their people first.

Talking to our customers, we realised that shift planning was one area of employee admin that hadn’t been evolving for small businesses. Digging deeper, we thought it was an area where we could have a massive impact on the happiness and productivity of thousands of people. So we researched the marketplace and found a fair number of suppliers, amongst them a few great tools, but most were clunky and nearly all of them have been designed for big, complex businesses. We’ve always set out to champion and support smaller businesses, so in late 2019 we set out to build a simple rota tool for the typical customers who can't manage or afford the big company systems. 

The brief was:

  • design it around the employee, not the process;

  • make it simple to use;

  • and very importantly it had to be highly cost effective.

On the 1 April 2020 saw the launch of the new Rota Platform. It’s designed to help small retailers, hospitality businesses and in fact anyone running a small businesses that needs to manage shifts. It’s for companies that have been stuck with spreadsheet and paper - the kind of companies that are struggling to survive during COVID-19.

Whilst were very proud of the results, it’s your view that counts. So, take it for a test drive by contacting and joining the new revolution using cloud based systems.

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